We meet for training at 6:45 pm on Thursday evenings at the sports hall of West Lancashire College, Skelmersdale.  (Park in the rear car park).  

At 7:00pm the slower members set off for a warm up jog, followed a few minutes later by the faster members.  

After the warm-up ( roughly 1 mile ) both groups meet up to do some specific training for approximately 30 minutes. The training generally consists of  timed ‘efforts’ ranging from 20 seconds up to 4 minutes. Each session will have different ‘effort’ timings.

The coaches ensure that any runner having difficulties is not left behind.  The whole training session is between 5 and 7 miles and lasts about 1 hour.

After training both groups jog back to the sports hall for a shower. Full session time inclusive of warm up, training and jog back to sports hall is roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

A £1.20 weekly subscription pays for the use of the sports hall facilities and to enhance club funds.

Training in the winter months tends to be on the quiet well lit roads of Skelmersdale’s industrial estates.  In summer the training often takes place on the paths around Ashurst Beacon and Beacon Country Park.

Special Note:

We advise that you must able to run comfortably 5 to 6 miles or have completed a 10K race to get the best out of our training sessions.

Those wanting to step up from Parkrun should be completing 5K under 30 minutes.

Those wanting to join must contact the club secretary to discuss suitability.